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Bioenergetic Power with NES Health


Bioenergetic Power with NES Health is a program utilizing energy field assessment software that identifies bioenergetic distortions and blockages in your body and on your meridians that may contribute to physical and emotional imbalances.

It works in ways that conventional medicine, functional medicine and other natural modalities simply are not able to comprehend.

Many people are not aware that our body’s energetic field controls the physical body. Correct the issues in your body’s energetic field and you can experience more energy, mental clarity, emotional well being and physical health than you ever thought possible.

You literally may feel the difference within 30 days of beginning a Bioenergetic Power program. Some in a few days! Listen to what Wendy Myers said about her own experience.

Did you Know?

Energy waves created by the heart and brain carry information and operating instructions to the body’s cells and organs, which regulates your physiology? And if anything interferes in this process, like EMF’s, computers, wireless internet, toxic metals, stress, trauma, etc, your body’s main communications system breaks down whereby parts of the body cannot receive correct operating instructions. The result? Fatigue, brain fog and serious health and digestive problems.

quote.jpgWhat does the Bioenergetic scan tell me?

The Bioenergetic scan is quick, easy and non-invasive. A client simply places their hand on a device similar to a computer mouse. This is done once per month. Within seconds the software produces more than 150 results – nutrition, EMF and toxin sensitivity, immune system function, and energetic blockages in the body, meridians and the chakras. You can even see gluten and dairy sensitivity!

What can Bioenergetic Power do for you?

The Bioenergetic software from NES Health identifies the remedies, called infoceuticals, that will correct your body’s energetic blockages and distortions. NES Infoceuticals represent a quantum leap in helping you achieve optimum well being.

Each Infoceutical is encoded with the information needed to help return specific aspects of the body’s energetic field to optimal functioning. They help activate self-healing capacities of the body. In essence, energetic blockages are merely cleared so your body can function normally and heal itself.

Bioenergetic Power is a very simple and inexpensive program to follow. The best part is you only have to take 4-6 infoceuticals once per day!  


Clients are RAVING about Bioenergetic Power!

Listen to the results these clients achieved in only 6 weeks on a Bioenergetic Power program.


Want to learn more about Bioenergetics?

The Living Matrix is a feature length groundbreaking film discussing the science of bioenergetics with experts from around the world.


Dr. Peter Fraser, developer of NES Health

The revolutionary developer Dr. Peter Fraser talks about Bioenergetics, NES Health at the Living Matrix Film Premiere. Listen to his cutting edge conversation about how he spent his life discovering how the body truly works.




Bioenergetic Power with NES Health and its products do not cure, prevent, diagnose, or treat disease. If you have a medical condition or concern, please consult the appropriate healthcare professional. NES and its claims have not been evaluated by any Government agency or regulatory organization.