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Bioenergetic Scanner


NES Health truly is the future of medicine. It can address your health issues in a way that no other program can. NES Health is a holistic alternative approach to health care. It can be done from the comfort of your home or while traveling.  Remote scanning is a ground breaking bioenergetic tool that takes advantage of today’s high speed technology. It provides your practitioner with an accurate “picture” of your health status from a distance. 



How a remote scan works

Using a Remote Scanner that connects to your computer and following a few instructions, you do your own scan. The scanner is a device on which you place your hand on to detect your energy.  The hand scanner technology captures all your energetic body fields in 1 second. After analysis, a customized wellness program is recommended. The program includes liquid remedies called Infoceuticals. Infoceuticals are imprinted with energetic information that addresses priority imbalances in your body.



How will this help me?

After a period of 2-4 weeks of taking the Infoceuticals your body’s innate healing and detoxifying pathways open up thus regulating and integrating the physical, emotional, and mental aspects for your health. Disease within tissue cells is equivalent to scrambled distorted information. The entire health program synergistically corrects this scrambled information and stops distortion for potential disease eradication to unfold. This is not a one-time visit to acquire wellness. It is an ongoing process that requires a scan every 30 days.

In summary, wellness is simply a process of charging up depleted cells energetically to their optimal voltage so that each cell communicates with one another and do the work each are designed to perform. 

What comes with the NES Health Remote Scanner?

A remote Scanner includes software and instructions to allow distance interaction between you and your Live to 110 practitioner. Other members of your family and/or friends interested in this type of health care can use the same scanner device. 

How often do I need to do a NES Health Scan?

You'll do a rescan every 30 days, ideally a few days before you run out of infoceuticals.

  • You can choose to have a 50 minute consultation to discuss your scan, progress and recommendations for $200. 

  • If you don't want a consult, but only want to receive your infoceutical recommendations, scan screenshots and help files, the fee is $75.

NES Health and its products do not cure, prevent, diagnose, or treat disease. If you have a medical condition or concern, please consult the appropriate healthcare professional. NES and its claims have not been evaluated by any Government agency or regulatory organization.