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Stetzer Meter for Testing EMF Levels

See description for more info.

Product Description

Use the meter to determine your EMF levels at every plug in your home

What does the meter do?

This meter is designed to take a reading in any outlet in your home. It measures the amount of ambient radiation coming out of the plug. It is NOT the same as a Trifield Meter which is used to measure large areas just by pointing at the area. The meter tells you how much radiation is coming from outlets connected to electronics, computers, appliances, etc. The idea is that you plug in the meter, and then have at least 6 filters on hand to plug in, one at a time, until you reading drops to below 50. You'll need a power strip connected to the outlet to do this.

Why do you need to use a Stetzer Meter?

It's a great way to save money as well as reduce the local EMF in one area (like your home theater area, for example.) ! Instead of randomly buying Stetzer filters and putting them everywhere "just in case", you can pinpoint the exact plugs that need to have the filter added.

Stetzer filters can be plugged into any wall outlet or power strip that has any electronics or appliances plugged into the same receptable or power strip. These filters reduce the amount of electromagnetic radiation coming from the appliance or electronics. The METER is used to measure HOW MUCH radiation is coming from a device.

How to Use the Meter

    1. To start, plug the meter into an outlet near your refrigerator.

    2. Look at the reading (see example of 183 on this meter near our refrigerator)

    3. If your reading is over 50, plug in a Stetzer filter and then look at the meter. It's likely it has dropped below 50.

    4. If it's still over 50, add another filter until the meter goes below 50.

    5. We added 2 filters, and the reading dropped to 30. (see reading)

    6. The idea reading is 30 or below

    7. Move to the next outlet and repeat the process.

    8. Keep a list of how many filters you need at each location - then you will know how many to order.

    9. If you have rented the meter, now you can return it and order the correct number of filters!

How many do I need?

It usually takes 20 filters to effectively “clean up” the average home.  Homes with more electronic equipment (i.e. computers, printers, fax machines, televisions) may require more filters.

If this describes your home you may need to use several power strips or triple tap adapters to accommodate the use of STETZERiZER Filters in areas of your home with more electronic equipment.



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