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NES Infoceuticals represent a quantum leap in helping you achieve optimum well being. These are liquid energetic remedies 'imprinted' with correct operating instructions for your organs, Chinese meridians and various parts of the body. Infoceuticals can address issues in your energetic system from the ground up, helping to correct blockages, errors and imbalances that may affect your overall physical and emotional condition.

The NES software identifies the remedies, called infoceuticals, that will correct your body’s energetic blockages and distortions. 

Each Infoceutical is encoded with the information needed to help return specific aspects of the body’s energetic field to optimal functioning. They help activate self-healing capacities of the body. In essence, energetic blockages are merely cleared so your body can function normally and heal itself.

These are designed to be taken at home once a day. Their success lies in perfectly matching an Infoceutical (remedy) to a specific organ, system or sub-system of the body. The benefits of the Infoceutical lies in the imprinted information. Infoceuticals contain structured filtered water and plant derived micro-minerals. These micro-minerals are the substances imprinted with the corrective bio-information.

The imprinted information in the Infoceutical remedy is immediately absorbed into the body's energy field.  It then interacts directly with the body-field to help address blockages or distortions created by physical, emotional, environmental and chemical toxins.

Clearing such blockages and distortions with infoceuticals helps restore the body's balance and enhances its inherent healing qualities - often far beyond what we typically experience with our chronically compromised bodies.

The Professional Infoceutical Advantage

Customized NES Infoceutical Protocols based on a NES scan are only available through a qualified experienced practitioner who has completed training and earned certification in NES Health.

Energetic Drivers (EDs)

There are 16 different ED Infoceuticals which are designed to power up various organ systems in the body. They increase your energy and enhance your overall vitality. Each Driver Infoceutical correlates to a major organ or organ system.


Energetic Integrators (EIs)

There are 12 different Energetic Integrators that help clear any distortions from the information pathways of the body, also known as the Chinese meridians. Each EI governs several major organs, tissues and systems and helps restore and balance energy flow. 

Energetic Terrains

There are 16 different Energetic Terrain fields that form part of the Human Body-Field and have many functions that provide messages for the body tissues and form part of the body's 'energetic immune system'.

Energetic Stars

There are 15 different Energetic Star Infoceuticals designed to provide the body with mini information networks which function as sub-systems of the more complex Big Body Field and act as metabolic pathways governing energy usage.

Brain Holograms

Four Brain Holograms were developed for the integration of Brainstem, Heart and Matrix. The Hologram Infoceuticals were designed to resolve emotional shock conflicts in the Brain Stem holographic field.

nes-infoceutal.jpgFeed Good Infoceuticals 

NES Feel Good Infoceuticals are a special range of remedies designed for symptom-based home use. These can also be used in conjunction with a NES Health program. The Feel Good Infoceuticals can accelerate the body’s natural recovery, reduce stress, encourage a calm mental state, correct body-field damage, and much more. 

Researching NES Infoceuticals

Research has recently been conducted with a study into the effects of NES Infoceuticals on sufferers of IBS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. This study was done with Professor Anna van Wersch from the University of Teesside. All the participants experienced an improvement in symptoms. All but one of the subjects continued with the protocol after the conclusion of the study.


NES Health and its products do not cure, prevent, diagnose, or treat disease. If you have a medical condition or concern, please consult the appropriate healthcare professional. NES and its claims have not been evaluated by any Government agency or regulatory organization.