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Product Description

Endomet GB-3 contains ox bile and pancreatin and helps one to digest fats, kill parasites and candida, detox copper and enhances digestion.

Endomet GB-3 is a combination of ox bile and pancreatin, which are digestive enzymes, and Russian black radish. Endo-met GB-3 is an excellent digestive aid, particularly for fats. Most people need this type of digestive support at all ages, but particularly those over age 50 and anyone who is ill or has lowered vitality.

Endomet GB-3 acts to:

  • Increase Bile output and the digestion of fats
  • Remove toxic metals (specifically copper)
  • Kill parasites
  • Kill Candida Albicans
  • Return intestinal flora to normal by killing many pathogenic bacteria
  • Enhances overall digestion
  • Helping to remove toxic metals through the liver and colon
  • Correcting many cases of constipation
  • Enhance liver detoxification
  • Normalizing the pH and digestive enzyme levels in the intestines
  • Weakening or killing some cancer cells is also possible with pancreatin

Why Wendy likes Endomet Supplements.

Additional Information

Most people today have some degree of intestinal dysbiosis. This means they harbor intestinal infections, yeasts, parasites and other flora or micro-organisms in the intestines that are not ideal. GB-3 will help kill many of these.

GB-3 is far more powerful that digestive enzymes, candida or parasite cleanse products. A great advantage of this product is that it replaces a wide range of supplements or herbs that other health care practitioners must use to clear candida albicans, parasites and other abnormal bowel organisms. While GB-3 does not always do the job, in most cases it works beautifully, while it accomplishes all the other tasks described above. Thus GB-3 saves money, time and effort.

GB-3 can aid in preventing cancer. Pancreatic enzymes (pancreatin) found in GB-3 such can help destroy cancer cells. This was discovered by Dr. John Beard, author of The Trophoblastic Theory of Cancer. The use of pancreatic enzymes is the cornerstone of the excellent Kelley enzyme natural treatment for cancer. This program produces excellent results in cancer recovery.

Taking GB-3 regularly provides an inexpensive, low-potency way to perhaps help prevent or even remove some cancer from the body. GB-3 is not a “cancer cure” by any means. It may be a helpful preventive and that is all. It is a simple inclusion to any supplement regimen that fits my paradigm of preventive health care through nutrition.

Another ingredient in GB-3 is Russian black radish. Russian black radish is a copper antagonist herb, which most people need today. Most are copper toxic. It also enhances the oxidation (metabolic) rate a little.

Upon starting GB-3, some people report diarrhea, intestinal cramps or stomach upset. This occurs because pancreatin and ox bile digest candida organisms, parasites, bacteria and debris in the intestines. If this happens simply reduce to one-quarter to one-half a tablet daily until the intestine is cleared and one can handle more of it. If diarrhea is prolonged discontinue the product for a couple days and resume. You will eventually be able to handle the product without diarrhea once your intestines become healthier.


Size: 180 tablets

One Tablet ContainsAmount Per Serving
Ox Bile 112 mg
Pancreatin 4 X USP (porcine) 160 mg
Black Radish (Raphanus sativus) Root 130 mg

*Daily value not established.
Endomet products are free of gluten, soy, wheat, whey and yeast.
Suggested Use: One tablet daily, or as directed by a physician.

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