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NES Scan and Interpretation

 (Re)-Assess With NES ProVision

laptop-with-nes-provsion-scanner-and-software.jpgNES ProVision is a scanning and assessment reporting system designed to measure and prioritize Energetic and Informational disturbances in your Body Field. It is advanced analysis software that can scan the human body-field to identify the bioenergetic and bio-informational distortions that may underlie physical and emotional issues. By simply placing your hand on the scanning device, in moments the software returns more than 150 results about your body and body-field in anatomically-correct and detailed graphical representations that include:

  • Energy Analysis: identify energy blockages in the body's musculoskeletal system and energy channels, as well as analyze the strength of the energy produced by various systems and organs.

  • Nutritional Analysis: highlight challenges in absorption and metabolic processes and identify sensitivities, malabsorption, gluten and lactose sensitivities.

  • Informational Analysis: Identify information distortions in your body’s master control system. 

  • Environmental Analysis: detect functional damage to the body-field via specific environmental factors, toxins and EMFs and the body's resultant ability to handle their impact when present.

  • Emotional and Mental Analysis: identify core emotions, beliefs, and even challenges that are most prominent or potentially problematic. Also identify past shock and trauma that may still be presenting as conflicts or which are stored in the body-field as tissue, cellular or energetic memory.

NES ProVision enables you to see beyond your physical and emotional symptoms to clearly see what is the source of the informational and energetic 'distortions' across your entire body-field and address them specifically. The Remote Scan results provide a set of treatment protocols to correct these 'distortions' using:

  • Corresponding NES miHealth therapy functions to rejuvenate your energy flows

  • Specific NES Infoceuticals to re-imprint and correct the disturbed information in your body-field

    NES ProVision allows you to see beyond your physical and emotional symptoms
    so you can better understand the source of their energetic and informational causes.